Andrew Pommier | Turning into You

Back Gallery Project is proud to present
Turning Onto You,
an exhibition of new works by Jill Henderson, Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo, Wyatt Scholten, and Andrew Pommier.

Drawing is the world’s oldest art form, yet historically it has long been undersung. Only in contemporary times has it truly come into being as an intimate and hand-made form of resistance to increasingly digitized or manufactured art-making. In spite of divergent backgrounds, Castillo, Henderson, Pommier and Scholten are united in their understanding of drawing as an unparalleled medium for human connection.

Their work is collectively informed by a dark humour and a deliberate naivete delivered by a rich cast of characters. In conversation, they convey idiosyncratic experiences within history and culture. The work of Henderson and Pommier address issues of representation, whether literally (as a figure is represented through ink on paper) or in terms of social hierarchy (who has access to visibility and power and who doesn’t?). Castillo and Scholten make vivid the cultural folklore and personal mythologies that surround us. Through a most irreverent and ephemeral medium, these artists boldly make accessible our own social narratives: our obsessions, frustrations, aspirations, and dreams.

BGP will also be presenting our second collaboration with Pattison Onestop for the Billboard Project which will feature a drawing by Tonel.

Please join us for the opening exhibit on Friday, November 7th 6-8 pm

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