This Friday November 8th RVCA and Happy Ending Fridays presents Mr. Carmack x Djemba Djemba (Team Supreme) with Cherchez, Christian Flores and in the Livestock Room with Greet The Mind. Aaron Carmack is a Hawaii-based producer. Previously the #1 best seller on Bandcamp, he met Mike Parvizi in high school which lead him to eventually join TeamSupreme. Djemba Djemba released his first single in 2011, and has since been releasing music on the Mad Decent/Jeffrees label, his own imprint Rabbit Records, and weekly beat cypher Beat Team Supreme, as well as producing and remixing some of the largest names in dance music. Get on the $10 list by emailing ‘your full name + CARMACK’ to valid until 11:30pm. More event info HERE.

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