Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards Care Guide

how to wash jiu jitsu rash guard

Jiu jitsu rashguards are an essential piece of gear for training and competition. This protective shirt provides skin coverage, protects against irritation, and in some instances, is part of the required uniform for your grappling sessions.

To ensure the longevity and durability of your rash guard, it’s essential to keep up with some easy maintenance. Benefits such as compression, breathability, anti-odor and microbial technology require care – read on to learn how to keep your grappling rash guard in top condition.

How To Wash a Rash Guard

A primary function of your jiu jitsu rash guard is to prevent skin irritation and rashes – a diligent care and wash routine is key to ensuring your rash guard works as intended. Follow these instructions to keep your JJ rash guard clean and lasting longer.

jj rash guard washing

How often should I wash my rash guard?

After training, you should wash your jiu jitsu rashguard as soon as possible. Never skip a wash between sessions, as this could lead to the buildup of bacteria. If you can’t wash your guard immediately after class, hang it up to dry and wash it as soon as you’re able to.

What type of detergent should I use on my rash guard?

Mild detergents are preferred, and you should never use bleach or any harsh cleaner – while you might be going for a deep clean, using hard chemicals can break down the fabric and reduce its protective qualities.

Pre-Wash Preparation

how to wash compression shirt

Here’s how to prep your grappling rash guard:

  • Begin by checking over your rash guard for stains – be sure to check the inside and the outside, because either could have stains from you or your training partner.
  • First, soak your rash guard in cold water. This step helps to remove salt from sweat and other residue that can damage the fabric. An easy habit is to let your compression rash guard soak while you take your post-workout shower.
  • Note: Using cold water when addressing blood stains and hot water when addressing sweat and dirt.

Machine Washing

Hand-washing is preferred care for your rashguard, but if you need to machine wash it, consider these tips:

  1. Turn your rash guard inside out. This prevents snags and helps water and soap penetrate the fibers to loosen any sweat residue.
  2. Use a mesh lingerie or laundry bag to protect your shirt through the washing cycle.
  3. Wash your rash guard using only the gentle cycle, using your washer’s cool temperature – hot water can shrink your gear and cause blood stains to set.
  4. Don’t wash your rash guard with clothing made from other materials. Products that produce lint can reduce the longevity of your jiu jitsu clothing.


washing rashguard in washer

By Hand

Hand-washing your rashguard is the best technique because it lets you focus on stains, address odor spots, and provide gentler care to the seams of your shirt. Follow these steps:

  1. Following a 5-10 minute cold-water soak to loosen any stains and residue, prepare a sink or basin with cool water and mild detergent.
  2. Follow your detergent’s directions to create a balanced soap-to-water ratio.
  3. With the rash guard inside-out, gently hand scrub any troublesome areas and stains. Gently swirl your shirt in the soapy water to continue loosening and removing residues.
  4. Drain your sink or basin, and rinse the rash guard with cold water until you’ve removed all soap and detergent.
  5. Gently squeeze out excess water, but do not twist or wring, as this can damage the seams and stretch the fabric.

washing rashguard by hand

How To Dry a Rash Guard

Drying your rash guard is important to keeping your skin protected and increasing the durability of your combat clothing. It’s better to air dry your rash guard to help the fabric maintain its integrity. Follow these tips:

  • When air-drying, keep your rash guard away from direct sunlight. A sturdy hanger inside your bathroom works well, like on a towel rack or shower curtain rod.
  • If you have to machine dry, only use lowest temperatures to avoid shrinkage, weakening the fabric, and potentially melting any graphics or logos on the shirt.
  • Whether machine or air-drying, always dry your rash guard inside-out.

drying rashguard in dryer

Rash Guard Special Care

Keep your BJJ rashguards in great condition with these special care instructions for stain removal, maintaining shape, and proper storage.

Stain Removal

Stains happen, but remember to never use bleach or harsh chemicals to remove them. Instead, use these methods:

  1. Soak and clean them in cold water as soon as possible after your session to keep stains from setting.
  2. If needed, add a small amount of white vinegar to your soak to help loosen stains – vinegar is also antibacterial and can help fight odors.
  3. Avoid harsh scrubbing. Instead, rub the sides of the rash guard together – brushes can damage the shirt.
  4. Regular soaking and washing is your best defense against stains and skin irritations.

Maintaining Shape

Because your rashguard is designed for movement and protection, maintaining its shape will help it last longer. Follow these tips:

  • Avoid the dryer whenever possible – the heat can not only compromise the fabric’s technical properties but stretch out the shirt.
  • Always wash and dry your rash guard inside out. Treating your rash guard with this gentle care will protect the stitching and seams as well as prevent odd stretching.
  • Avoid crumpling your guard on the floor or while transporting it to and from the gym. Always hang it up, even if it’s dirty. This will help your rash guard dry and maintain its shape for the next cleaning.
  • When you hang it to dry, gently re-shape your rash guard so it hangs smoothly – this will help it dry evenly and avoid unnecessary wear.

Proper Storage

To help keep your rash guard in good condition, hang it between uses. Avoid folding it up or stuffing it into a drawer. By keeping its shape, you’ll also maintain the strength of the compression fabric, and hanging it on a padded hanger will help you do so.

how to wash compression clothes

How long do rash guards last?

Depending on the type of training and frequency, a jiu jitsu rash guard can typically last a few years before it’s time to get a new one. However, you’re sure to extend its use with proper care and storage. If you’re looking to add a new one to your workout gear lineup, check out our article on “How To Choose a Rashguard”.

Your jiu jitsu rashguard is a vital piece of your training equipment. Follow our tips to keep your rashguards clean and well-maintained so you can focus on training.


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